Winter/Christmas Female Clothes #2

CC List:

  1. Tight turtleneck sleeveless long sweater by Marigold
  2. Tight turtleneck long sweater by Marigold
  3. Side vent sweater by Marigold
  4. Side vent sweater with flare shirt by Marigold
  5. Side vent sweater turtleneck version by Marigold
  6. Suspender h-line skirt one piece by Marigold
  7. Bustier with pleats skirt V2 by Marigold
  8. Bustier with pleats skirt V1 by Marigold
  9. Acc Winter Coat  by Marigold
  10. Acc Winter Coat single colors by Marigold
  11. Acc Fur Jacket by Marigold
  12. Acc Fur Jacket Light Emission by Marigold
  13. Top hood cape coat short sweater by Marigold
  14. Top hood cape coat long sweater by Marigold
  15. Top big ribbon sweater by Marigold
  16. Winter coat with skirt by Marigold
  17. Winter coat with skirt short by Marigold
  18. Velluto Dream ByDevirose
  19. Puresim Christmas pyjama
  20. Simlark – Christmas Aprons
  21. SrslySims – Christmas 2014 Dress
  22. TaniSims&EasySims – a Christmas Moment
  23. Lulu265 – Christmas Style
  24. Holy Night Dress by Devirose
  25. Christmas Dress by Bukovka
  26. Christmas Time Dress by Devirose
  27. Simlark – Christmas Jumpers
  28. Harmonia – Santa Shinny Sweater
  29. LollaLeeloo – Christmas Sweaters
  30. MFS Christmas top2
  31. MFS Christmas skirt
  32. Sweet Xmas top [CB]
  33. MFS Christmas top
  34. Chrissy Lingerie by Solistair