Sims 3 Custom content

 Sliders list:

BodyGirth by Jonha Body Girth Sliders
Height Slider by Jonha Heigh sliders
Head Shape by Jonha Head shape (pulls up and vice versa)
Forehead shape by Sucréomiel Forehead shape (dimples on the sides)
Arm and belly by pcfreak147 Arm and belly sliders
Eyeball slider by Awt Eye sliders
Forehead depth by Awt Forehead depth
Upper lip by Awt The shape of the upper lip (philtrum)
Nose septum by Awt The shape of the nasal septum
Breast slider by Tashiketh Breast size and shape
17 New Facial Sliders By Bella3lek4 17 face sliders
Heriet’s Chin to Neck sliders Chin and neck sliders
Dimple Sliders by Julia Dimples
Upper lip slider by Sage Slider lifts the upper lip
Ear hight slider by Sage Ear height
Hand size slider by Sage Hand size
Inner eyelid slider – Sage The shape of the upper eyelids
Hermi Lip Slider- Jasumi Makes lips look like a bow
Body sliders set – IeWing Body slider set
10 new CAS sliders- Jonha 10 body sliders (chest, hips, head, shoulder width, neck)
Lip fatness – Jasumi Slider for plump lips
Feet slider – Nikki Sim Leg size (feet)
Nose depth – Nik Sim Nose length slider
Ori nose shape slider – Jasumi Nose tip slider (Men only)
Shape the face line – YSstudio Face oval (make the chin line more graceful)
Bridge of nose – YSstudio Nose bridge width
Body shape by Anderson Slider for beautiful lumbar arch and hip rotation
Overlip curve slider – Nysha For the upper area near the lips (more beautiful line)
Pointed ears – Cmar Elf Ear Slider
Chin width slider – Gnatgosplat Chin Width
Cheekbone slider – Oneeuromutt Cheek slider
Upper lip thin lower – YSstudio Another slider to make lips look like a bow
Eyelash slider – S-Club Eyelash slider (necessary original eyelashes and meshes for them)
SLIDERS RESERVE LINK (if something is lost)


S-Club eyelash removal mod 

S-Club eyelash mesh F

S-Club eyelash mesh M

S-Club Eyelash Set N1

 S-Club Eyelash Set N2

S-Club Eyelash Set N3A

 S-Club Eyelash Set N3B

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Colores Urbanos

Leah Lillith







Tifa Sims





Nightcrawler Sims



Expansion packs:

The Sims 3. Base game

The Sims 3.World Adventures

The Sims 3. High End Loft Stuff

The Sims 3. Ambitions

The Sims 3. Fast Lane Stuff

The Sims 3. Late Night

The Sims 3. Outdoor Living Stuff

The Sims 3. Generations

The Sims 3. Town Life Stuff

The Sims 3. Pets

The Sims 3. Master Suite Stuff

The Sims 3. Showtime

The Sims 3. Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats

The Sims 3. Diesel Stuff

The Sims 3. Supernatural

The Sims 3. Seasons

The Sims 3. 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff Pack

The Sims 3. University Life

The Sims 3. Island Paradise

The Sims 3. Movie Stuff

The Sims 3. Into the Future

Game version 1.63

Store from June 2009 to October 2013